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How To: Reauthorize Facebook
How To: Reauthorize Facebook

Can't see your accounts listed or got in a loop clicking on 'Reauthorize Facebook'? We're here to help!

Updated over a week ago

Have your social accounts been disconnected from Plann and you are now seeing the 'Reauthorize Facebook' message? This is Facebook's way of saying it's lost connection with Plann.

It can happen when Facebook makes changes on their end or when you make changes to your settings in your Facebook or Instagram account, such as changing your username or password. This can also affect your Instagram connection with Plann.

If you are not able to see your accounts listed on this screen, or if you see your accounts, but are stuck on a loop when clicking on 'Reauthorize Facebook', the first step is to make sure that your accounts are correctly linked on Instagram and Facebook's end.

Once you've checked your accounts and confirmed that they are set and ready, here's how to re-establish the connection with Plann:

​Plann Desktop

  1. On your desktop browser, Log out of Plann.

  2. Open an incognito tab.

  3. Log in to your Facebook Account.

  4. On your Facebook profile, click on 'Settings and Privacy'.

  5. Click on 'Settings'

  6. Select 'Business Integrations'

  7. Click on Plann - this time on 'Remove'.

  8. Log back into Plann

  9. Click to connect your social account and follow the prompts

  10. There is an option to select which Instagram accounts Plann can manage - select them all

  11. Make sure that all the permissions are toggled on

Plann App

  1. Uninstall the Plann App (long press on the app, then select the 'X' or 'uninstall').

  2. Pop over to the App store and reinstall the app.

Still have any questions or would like an extra hand to learn more? Please contact support and our team will be happy to help you out!

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