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My Post has Failed! What Should I Do?
My Post has Failed! What Should I Do?
Updated over a week ago

Oh no! We're sorry that your post has failed to be published!

This can happen for a few different reasons and it is important that we check every detail to help you out.

If the post that failed was for Instagram, here's what you can check before trying again:

If you're using the 'Post Now' feature to Auto Post your content, it is important that you wait 3 minutes between publishing for a single image and 5 minutes or more between publishing for a carousel post, as well as avoid to make more than 3 attempts when a post fails to be published.

Multiple attempts to schedule failed posts can trigger a spam detection on through Meta.

If the post that failed was for a different social platform or if even after checking all the above you are still experiencing errors, please reach out to our support team, sharing a screenshot of the post that has failed, so we can investigate further and better assist you.

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