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Auto-Post restrictions for Facebook
Auto-Post restrictions for Facebook

Here you will find the specs and general rules for auto-posting to Facebook.

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Meta limits the type of content that can be auto-posted to Facebook. These limits are the same across the board for all scheduling tools, including Plann, and unfortunately, we don't make or mess with the rules!

Here are the main details you need to pay attention to, to make sure your account and content are following the rules and that your posts will be successfully published.

General rules for auto-posting

  • Publishing on Facebook is only for Facebook pages. Connecting and auto-posting to groups or personal accounts is not a current feature

  • All posts scheduled for Facebook are auto-posted on Facebook

  • Text-only posts are supported

  • Both single-image and carousel posts are allowed

  • Only single video posts are allowed - users can’t mix videos and images in a carousel

    • You can post up to 10 images in a carousel

Images Specifications (Carousels included)

For images, you'll need to ensure your content fits these specs:

  • Format: HEIC, JPEG, JPG, PNG

  • File Size: 8 MB

  • Aspect ratio: No restrictions

Video Specifications

For videos, you'll need to ensure your content fits these specs:

  • Container/ Format: WebM, MOV, mp4, QuickTime

  • Video Aspect Ratio: No restrictions

  • Video Duration: 3 seconds minimum 45 mins max

  • File Size: 1 GB

  • Frame Rate: No restrictions

If you need any help or have any other questions about auto-posting, our Support Team is ready to help you out! Just reach out to them at

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